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Latest Book Release: A Dubious Alliance

Embark on a thrilling journey through Portugal in 1808 with Captain William Hurst as he escorts a small party of civilians in search of a missing nobleman. Uncover secrets, shifting loyalties, and the power of forgiveness in this captivating historical novel.

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About Jacky Hutchins

Jacky Hutchins - Author Profile

Jacky Hutchins is a historical fiction author with a lifelong passion for writing, winning her first prize for a short story at the age of 14. With a background in nursing, and later serving as an Army Nursing Sister, Jacky brings a wealth of experience to her novels, drawing inspiration from her time spent in different parts of the world.

Her debut novel, 'In Honourable Company,' led to her being one of the finalists for the prestigious Catherine Cookson prize. Set in 18th century India, the story weaves together the complexities of relationships and the struggle for supremacy between France and England at that time. Comparisons to renowned authors such as Georgette Heyer and Bernard Cornwell highlight Jacky's ability to transport readers into immersive and adventurous tales.

Jacky's writing style captures the essence of historical eras without falling into the cliché of 'bodice-rippers.' Her focus on developing compelling male characters provides a unique perspective within the historical fiction genre. With her short stories, articles, and poems appearing in various publications, Jacky's writing resonates with a wide readership.


A Dubious Alliance - Book Cover

A Dubious Alliance

Portugal 1808. Captain Hurst, a wounded British infantryman, escorts civilians in search of a missing nobleman. Tensions rise, bonds form. As secrets unravel and paths diverge, loyalties and forgiveness are tested. A tale of evolving allegiances in a tumultuous era.

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Publication Day for A Dubious Alliance!

Jacky's new book is out today! Perfect for those who crave historical drama with a touch of romance!

A Dubious Alliance - release date confirmed

Jacky's latest novel, "A Dubious Alliance" will be released in e-book and Hardcover formats on 30th September 2023 and is available to pre-order from Amazon! Or, if you can't wait, you can get the Paperback early on an introductory offer of 35% off the list price!

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A Literary Adventure Begins

Embark on a literary adventure with Jacky Hutchins as she shares her lifelong passion for storytelling. From winning her first prize at the age of fourteen to the invaluable experiences gained through her nursing career and travels with her Army officer husband, Jacky's writing is infused with rich experiences and connections to history. She invites readers to embark with her on a journey through time and immerse themselves in the power of storytelling. Welcome to Jacky Hutchins' blog.

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